Lady of Fire Poetry & bitzone - Fluid

cover picture: Fluid album

Lady of Fire Poetry: words & voice
bitzone: percussion, bass, keys, electronics & samples

Produced by:
bitzone @AudioworX.net, Germany

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cover picture: Shadowface album

Stone Catcherye: guitar, bass, vocals & lyrics
Unearth Noise: guitar, bass, drums, organ, sitar, tambura, electronics, reinvented mellotron, mamola, cymbals, saz, oscillator, backing vocals, mbira, sintir & ocarina
bitzone: percussion, bass, voice, keyboards, samples & electronics

Produced by:
Shadowface & bitzone @AudioworX.net, Germany

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bitzone's Sonic Purse

cover picture: bitzone album

bitzone: percussion, vocals, samples, keys & electronics

Produced by:
bitzone @AudioworX.net, Germany

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Clockworkgod - Group New Germany

cover picture: Clockworkgod album

DeeP.: sound design, guitars, keys & voice
bitzone: percussion, vocals & lyrics

Produced by:
DeeP. & bitzone @AudioworX.net, Germany

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cover picture: Tritett Tritett - live in Oberscheid (2019)
recording, mixing, mastering

cover picture: Kohmann-Weiß-Zöllner Psycho-Country-Core (2018)

cover picture: Greystring 2 And, in time, the time will take it all (2018)
bass, keys, percussion, arrangements, mixing, mastering

Keep The Fear
cover picture: Keep The Fear Seven Sundown Songs (2017)
percussion, programming

Jens Felger
cover picture: Jens Felger Lights and Spirits (2017)
percussion, mixing, mastering (featured with one song)

Keldari Station
cover picture: Keldari Station Say goodbye to ground control (2016)
editing and a remix of Into The Light

Stone Catcherye
cover picture: Stone Catcherye The Spiral Of Own, Triple EP (2016)
percussion, electronics

Fluidum Letale
cover picture: Fluidum Letale Nocturnal Samba (2015)
percussion, electronics

Utu Lautturi
cover picture: Utu Lautturi Noise Laundry (2015)
mastering (with Unearth Noise and Solo) featured with 2 songs

bitzone & Lady of Fire Poetry
cover picture: bitzone and Lady of Fire Poetry Fluid (2015)
music, production, mastering

cover picture: Greystring 1 Dark Waters, Distant Shores (2015)
bass, keys, percussion, arrangements, mixing, mastering

cover picture: Shadowface Shadowface (2014)
bass, keys, percussion, mixing, mastering

Unearth Noise
cover picture: Unearth Noise Sacred Excavations (2013)

cover picture: Vitis Records Vitis Records: Vitis compilation (2013)
with Unearth Noise & bitzone, featured with one song

cover picture: bitzone's Sonic Purse bitzone's Sonic Purse (2013)
music, production, mastering

cover picture: Acid Jazz vol. 127 Editrice EmmeK: Acid Jazz vol. 127, compilation (2009)
with Clockworkgod, featured with one song

cover picture: Clockworkgod 2 Group New Germany (2008)
music, production

cover picture: Clockworkgod 1 News from Babel (2006)
music, production

Die Fantastischen Vier
cover picture: Aygo Remix Aygo Remix Contest (Fantastische 4 - Geboren), compilation (2005)
featured with one song

cover picture: Shelire Ich bin wer ich bin (2005)
vocals, music, production

cover picture: Ran Hits der Champions Ran präsentiert - Hits der Champions, compilation (1997)
music, production (one song and TV jingle)

cover picture: Ambersand Ambersand (1997)
vocals, all instruments, music, production

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Magie der Töne Magie der Töne: Sommersounds 1991-1994, live compilation (1995)
vocals, one song

cover picture: JFK Rock Opera The Rock Opera (1993)
vocals on several songs

cover picture: NMFI Fashing (tape 1993)
music, production

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Voice Pop single Voice Pop, single (1993)

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Voice Pop compilation Voice Pop a-capella compilation (1993)
vocals, two songs

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Think Visual compilation Think Visual: The Slow Motion Compilation (1993)

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Scream & Shout Bang Bang Bang Bang (1993)

Scream & Shout
cover picture: Scream & Shout Barefoot Movement Barefoot Movement (1992)

Accident Mouth
cover picture: Noise Against Repression Noise Against Repression compilation (1991)
trumpet, drums, vocals, featured with one song


I am a German based musician and producer.

I began as chorister in a 5-person madrigal choir and joined the a-cappella pop group "Scream & Shout" in the 90's.
Scream & Shout performed at a large number of concerts as well as recording two albums.
Later, I founded the electronic/jazz/trip-hop duo Clockworkgod, together with a university friend DeeP. We produced two albums, "News From Babel"(2006) and "Group New Germany"(2012).
Member of the alternative rock-trio Shadowface since 2013.

Currently I collaborate with musicians from all over the world while working as a musician, sound engineer and producer.

In Dec. 2013 I was awarded SoundClouder of the Day.

bitzone's mix and production skills highlight
the strengths of each musician.

His percussions have an essentially primal sound,
they also possess complexity in their patterns,
getting almost ceremonial in places.
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Clockworkgod @ Soundcloud
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Thanks to all appearing musicians.
Blooming luck, having the opportunity to collaborate with you.
Thank you all!

Webdesign & Artwork by bitzone
Background photos by Axel Heimken
jQuery frameworks by skel & poptrox
If you are interested in a collaboration or need help with your own music - inquiries are welcome! Send me a message to get in contact.

Best, bitzone